Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fashion on The Rocks and Artistic Rebels

It was definitely a successful week for Omaha venues and designers, after hosting their first big fashion week event. Omaha's Fashion Week was inspired by the well renowned fashion events held in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London and Milan. The last event of the week enticed the city's populace out to the streets of the Downtown Old Market, located on 11th and Jones. Streets were shut down to provide room for the runway, that allowed 12 designers to courageously exhibit their work outside. Anxiously people crowded the streets of 11th & Jones, waiting to explore a whirlwind of artistic ideas transcended into radical fabrics and rebellious colors. Each model waited their turn to be caught and critiqued in the flashing lights, which turned an original eye color a shade lighter if one gazed too long. Parking was atrocious and unbearable, as people gathered from the city occupying spaces in the parking garage next to the event. People watched the fashion show from the windows of their fabulous urban lofts. Omahans rested above the bridge to look down at the runway, which appeared to be the best view to capture the show's essence. People could here the music, the commentator, and the excitement of the show two blocks away from the actual event.
Graffiti artists dominated the backdrop of the fashion show as the models strutted down the catwalk, giving the audience a chance to appreciate versatility in artistic expression. Each model had a personality of their own, some were veterans, and others were clearly "virgins" to a pair of Steve Madden platforms. An intermission accompanied the show while the audience drank and mingled, simultaneously watching the designers engage in a challenge of a 20 minute creation (The Style Battle). The second half of the show expressed more abstract ideas than the average person could retain and comprehend.
Each designer delivered an creation of intricacy, but the best was definitely saved for last. The last designer resisted the urge of his hand picked model to walk in sequence, demanding a moment of "white silence." The music stopped as the audience focused their eyes on her all white ensemble, and her face obscured in a white mask. Her movement came to a dramatic halt as she anticipated for the appearance of the graffiti artist to tattoo his artistic thought unto her unprohibited garment. The audience applauded the special feature that enhanced the grand finale, and left the audience wanting more to feed their fashion appetites
The event proved that Omaha has a lot more culture to offer then given credit for, and definitely states that Omaha's fashion scene is well on its way!!!!!
-Felicia Mesadieu

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