Friday, November 14, 2008


Barak Obama articulately communicated the slogan “CHANGE” to voters accompanied by an unprecedented, resourceful and strategized campaign. And Americans felt it was time for a change especially considering the financial atrocities of the economy. Obama effectively delivered the message of “CHANGE” throughout his campaign and it was a breath of fresh air for Americans who were sick of traditional politics. Obama repeatedly stated the promise not to conform, thus influencing voting behavior in his favor. :BY FELICIA MESADIEU
I am so elated to know that my President is a man of color, simply due to the historical disenfranchisment of people of color for several years. Even after the Fifteenth Amendment was enacted American minorities were still denied voting rights. Disenfranchisment was an extremely difficult adversity to defeat, and now The President of the United States is a man of color. This historical event further validates the notion that CHANGE is possible and will happen if you want it bad enough! Obama is a political rockstar!
I know the post is late, but when it comes to a historical achievement such as this, time is irrelevant. It still must be publicly acknowledged, even if its 10 days tardy. Its been long overdue! Something tells me that people will be talking about this political icon forever!

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