Monday, November 24, 2008

Returning back to your Roots

Racks are abundantly filled with vintage inspired tops; shelves are furnished with patent leather purses and bangles. To the far right is a three way mirror to accommodate the consumer’s visual needs. The mannequin next to the fitting room is dressed in a blue couture inspired dress, confirming the right decision to explore Roots and Wings.

The employees prepare for the boutique’s busy day that usually occurs around the lunch hour, sizing merchandise, folding sweaters and wiping down counters. Urban music fills the walls of the store to energize and ensure the productivity. The sun shines extensively through the large glass windows, intensifying the colorful merchandise that gives life to the white walls.

Roots and Wings is what every girl wishes her closet resembled. Brett Jaros, the owner of Roots of Wings, has returned back to her “roots” to establish her new fashion boutique. Jaros, a native of Omaha, chose to extend her boutique and fashion sense to young ladies between the ages 15 - 34, located in Rockbrook Village.

Jaros’s decision to relocate to Omaha was influenced by the market she saw for boutiques that were fashionable and inexpensive with an opportunity to be successful. The lifestyle and culture was also a huge factor in her decision .

Jaros’s observation of the Midwestern’s market for boutiques was fashionably similar to competitors around the country. Jaros has spent most of her career in the fashion retail industry. While in college, Jaros worked in several boutiques. Later she became a manager and then elevated to a buyer for a maternity boutique. She also worked as a buyer for Macy’s Department store. Jaros had no problem discussing the differences contrasting her previous retail experience from her current experience, here in Omaha.
“You work a lot more directly with customers here, like you’ll have the same ones kind of coming in. They’re interested in like learning about the store and what you have. As a new business, I think it’s important to listen to that”, Jaros said.

Inspired by designer Marc Jacobs, Us Weekly Magazine and the celebrity trendsetters the Olsen twins, Jaros hopes to constantly promote fresh ideas for merchandise. Jaros wants to provide more options to her clientele. Customers can look forward to brands that were not accessible in the past such as: Tom Shoes, Harajuku Lovers and Box Fresh. “I think it’s a good assortment of lifestyle selection,” Jaros said.

With all the new trendy fashion boutiques that have replenished Omaha’s retail arena like, Be Yourself, and The Giving Tree, Roots and Wings will have to distinguish its retail identity from its competitors. “I want to keep the price points reasonable, so people can keep shopping here,” Jaros said

Jaros defines fashion as a form of expression. She believes that for some people fashion could be art, but for others it may just be a level of comfort. Fashion is definitely open to interpretation, and Jaros hopes that “Roots and Wings” will accommodate those different views and needs. “I want to keep people shopping in boutiques and Omaha,” Jaros said.

Jaros’s biggest contribution to the fashion industry has been fashion options. She would like to contribute to the Omaha community by encouraging other entrepreneurs and artists to be creative and follow their aspirations. “There are so many different options to get your foot in the door. I started by working in smaller boutiques like this one. Start with a part time job, first, like this one and see what appeals to you,” Jaros said.
Well, with the opening of Roots and Wings consumers will have several options that appeal to their fashionable eye.
-Felicia Mesadieu
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