Sunday, May 3, 2009

Peplum Addiction

Celebrities have already jumped on board with the full ruffle or pleated flounce draped perfectly over the hips of a fitted mini dress.I absolutely love the peplum dress for spring cocktail nights. It screams 80's & 90's vintage reinvented. The Alexander McQueen corset structured dress coupled with a side peplum is timeless. I recently captured photos of Beyonce at the movie premeire of Obsession, wearing a black dress with a sequins bodice and peplum waist. Her look would have been picture perfect, but the exaggerated train extended from her peplum skirt ruined it.

I remember looking at Rihanna's red carpet events from 2008, and I saw her attending the 2008 Spirit Life Awards wearing a vibrant red-orange peplum dress paired with a leopard belt. Then the fashion icon lured me again with her electric blue Preen dress with the peplum waste that she wore at the Verizon + Blackberry Pre-Grammy bash. I knew I had to purchase an inexpensive similarity and integrate it into my wardrobe. I wasn't quite sure where I would get my hands on one, considering that I reside in Omaha, NE.

Two months later me and my friend Teylor, a fellow fashionista, were practicing fashion in 30 minutes (that is when we come up with creative chic outfits in 30 minutes, in the event that we are suddenly forced to get dress in 30 minutes to attend a social event. Selections are primarily based on time, accompaniment and location of the event) And she pulls out this strapless black dress with a pink and green floral pattern. The dress had Betsy Johnson written all over it, but she revealed to me that her mystery dress was from the Charlotte Russe sale bin ($4.00). I was so elated but furious. I was elated that she adored the trend just as much as I did, and that there was hope of me purchasing one. But, I was furious that she found my secret inaccessible fashion idea first, and that such a fabulous dress was hanging in a sale bin at Charlotte Russe of all places. And how could I not have taken notice? But, then again, I am not a big fan of Charlotte Russe. So I did some research of my own and this is what I came up with (polyvore set below). I am in the process of ordering my peplum dress now. (click on the items for product info.)

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Anonymous said...

Love these! I have that Charlotte Russe dress and def. paid full price.. but it's only 30 something bucks. I got a ton of compliments when I wore it.

xo, Becs

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