Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shock Value

So, I was surfing the web last night and trying to find ideas to update my blog with. I saw pictures from the recent Costume Institute Gala event. I was so happy to see Rihanna's face, but that emotion was interrupted as my mouse scrolled down this:

I usually never have a problem with the fashion choices that Rihanna makes, even back in her teeny bopper days. But, this time my favorite fashion icon shocked the hell out of me. I was elated to know that she was in attendance at an A-list event, but when I stumbled upon her ensemble I was highly disappointed. I mean what was she thinking, or a better question would be, was she thinking at all? So I am just going to believe that she wanted to take all the negative attention from her highly publicized relationship with Chris Brown and it put it on her shoulders.

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