Sunday, June 21, 2009

How Long Until I Get My Own???

The skirt that started all the commotion


Mischa Barton: courtsey of Style Bubble

Courtesy of Style Bubble

Remember Carrie Bradshaw's shocking emerald green satin mini skirt she wore out to dinner with Mr. Big after a brief escape from Aidan's country cabin in upstate NY (season 4). Well, if you do not, let me refresh your memory. She is walking down a city street in Manhattan after having a New York strip steak with Big, and she becomes flustered after spotting a squirrel that resembles the one who discombobulates her in the country. After being startled by this graceful rodent she swiftly spins around and exhibits her shocking tulle of white feathers. FYI, you may have to pause your DVD player to experience the full essence of the Westwood creation, and when you do your heart will melt. The skirt is divine. You will want one immediately. After conducting a fashion investigation about this skirt, I discovered that Vivienne Westwood showcased these feather bum mini skirts in one of her 2000 collection shows. Carrie Bradshaw/ SJP sported a green and red one while filming Sex and the City. Now, I know what your thinking (2000), me too, but remember some pieces are timeless. Carrie Bradshaw's fashion were so ahead of her time. A fashionista always knows a timeless piece and how to reinvent it each time she wears it.
Style Bubble, another delectible slice of carrot cake, presented me with more ideas, and even a skirt she photo-shopped. I just love the one she featured on her blog that Mischa Barton modeled on the set of a fashion magazine shoot. The other two are just ideas i got while trying to locate my dream skirt. I really want a feather bum mini skirt hanging in my closet. A DIY project seems really tempting right now!


Anonymous said...

Love these skirts, esp. the Bebe one!

xo, Becs

atelier said...

I am "praying" to see one and can afford it since I saw it in that episode of SATC :(

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