Monday, September 14, 2009

Blogger Addict

Is it me or am the only one who seems to be absolutely addicted to blogging?
I haven't felt this way since I first created a profile on facebook. 
I feel an adrenaline rush each time I stumble upon a new blog that is
definitely worth following and adding to my visible blog list. I check
my blog in between classes and I publish a post before I do my homework.

                      Which is totally unacceptable considering the work load I have this semester.

But I can't fight it.I hope this is just a phase. Sometimes I find myself surfing blogspot for hours at a time. Before I know it, its already 3am in the morning.Posted by Picasa
Is blogging really this life consuming? And can anyone else relate? Please share your stories and experiences!
Dress- American Vintage, Belt- The Giving Tree, Purse- Vintage Ted Lapidus, Platform Pumps- Aldo, Earrings- Vintage, Bracelet- Banana Republic and Necklace- F21

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Krystal Simpson said...

so 70's, love it

Mila said...

great photos!Oh you are sooooo not the only one addicted to bloggin...

O'Style said...

Ohhh.. those shoes are gorgeous!

Thanks for the comment, ;-)!



Grace Like Kelly said...

Oh those shoes are so amazing!

C said...

nice shoes!


iamtheary said...

MAN...!! I LOVE THAT DRESS...!! would you be my personal shopper? because i am horrible at dressing myself. lol i will continue to read and get fashion hints.

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