Monday, September 7, 2009

The Joys of Thrifting

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Well, let me just say that I find it extremely necessary to go vintage and thrift shopping because you find classic pieces like this

My day started off very exciting as I was mentally preparing for an interview that I scheduled with the creative director of Omaha Fashion Week. As I was driving to the interview, I was overjoyed by the leaps I was making in my collegiate career. However,it took me almost fifteen minutes to find a place to park in the Old Market downtown. I was rather annoyed that I had to walk almost five blocks to get my destination, but it also gave me an excuse to explore the hidden thrift shops by the alley. I explored Retro and the Flying Worm. I had heard about Retro way back in high school, but unfortunately I wasn't cool enough to open my mind about going (thank God thats changed). I almost didn't get to experience the Flying Worm as it was clear I was going to be late, but thank God I did because I stumbled upon a well merchandised vintage-conscious store. I saw clothes that I had been craving for months. When I saw the leather jacket I knew I had to get it. I had a handful of clothes in my hand, but I put them all away just to buy it. It was an authentic black leather jacket with ridges that reminded me of Michael Jackson's Thriller and it was only $24.00. I hadn't been that excited about shopping at a Vintage store since I vacationed in California, and purchased my disco skirt from American Vintage. I am so stoked to wear it!


Meg(alomaniac) said...

I love thrifting, great pics. I wish I didn't live in the name-brand-burbs, I must take a trip into the city soon so I can get some new pieces, you've inspired me :)

Anonymous said...

I feel like you can find a lot of great clothes for cheap prices at vintage shops. Thats why I love them so much.

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