Saturday, September 12, 2009


I finally got up the nerve to write for my college newspaper. It was a little intimidating at first, considering the editor's high expectations of the writer's ability to deliver. Once I completed the lead of the story, everything just fell into place, as if I was a veteran columinist. I pretended to be a replica of Carrie from Sex and The City, working on a deadline for Sunday. But as 5:00 pm approached I quickly stepped out of my idealistic urban socialite career and into my normative freelance reality of the Gateway. And the reality was that it was Wednsday and my preview was due at midnight, at least by my standards.One mediocre or inadequate paragraph could possibly have my efforts replaced with another freelance journalist. Despite my lack of experience,I succeeded in writing for the entertainment section of the Gateway. I had a blast setting up interviews and picking the brains of talented fashion contributors.

New York, Paris and Milan may be the traditional fashion capitals of the world, but Omaha's on the fast track to making the Midwest recognized for its creative clothing designers, models and artists. Omaha Fashion Week will run from Sept. 15 through Sept 19.... for more of this story click here Local designers, organizers plan for Omaha Fashion Week - Entertainment

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