Saturday, September 26, 2009


Yes, I have been searching for the perfect multi-colored sequins bolero jacket for months now. Yesterday, I finally located it at the Flying Worm along with a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg red blouse. I tried it on in the store and took a picture of it. Then, I inadvertently headed over to an art gallery with some friends. It was kind of ironic when it happened, definitely not premeditated. I was walking in downtown Omaha, getting ready to drive over to American Apparel to get second opinion on my new jacket when local socialite/designer/friend, Shamina Wiek, yelled my name from the passenger side of a red sports car after stopping a red light and demanded I get in the car and accompany her and Marco to an art show she was invited to, "The Suit Coat Show."

The art show featured a compilation of local artists and their creations of suit coats. The artists treated the blazers like canvases and adorned them with abstract expressions. Walls were embellished with paintings of vintage figures. The atmosphere was soothing and allowed spectators to soak up the artistic cultural offerings. The show was organized to raise proceeds for non-profit organizations that specialize in assisting the homeless. The exhibit was genius.


Couture Cookie said...

That jacket is sequin perfection!

O'Style said...

I love the sequin jacket!



Kat said...

wow that is an amazing jacket! i have wanted a sequin jacket with months now and your's is the most fabulous colour.
that show looks really cool too

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

what a gorgeous jacket!

Anonymous said...

Confession: just died upon seeing your jacket. That's just about as good as it gets. LOVELOVELOVE IT.

Ash Fox said...

your jacket is amazing! love your blog.


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