Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whats in your closet?????????????

Posting images of my closet to this blog was the last thing I ever thought I would do. The thought really never  occured to me until I stumbled upon Taylor from http://www.sterlingstyle.blogspot.com/, and was challenged to email pics of my closet. My closet is not the best closet for an aspiring fashionista, but I try my best to keep it organized. I seperate the blouses and skirts from the dresses. I try to color coordinate them, but some times it can get kind of difficult when dealing with a multi colored frock, sometimes you just have to go with the color that attracts your eye the most. My shoes on the other hand are a different story. I feel that color coordinating my shoes is boring, I want to see the variety in my heels, not black next to black. The more recent purchase of shoes are stored on the top shelf  and the older ones of the floor. My flats are placed on a shoe organizer on the front door of my closet. My purses are over crowded, so I store the clutches on the top shelf by the shoes and my big purses all over my room, lol. I don't have any drawers so I keep my tights, belts and casual tees in a plastic  3 drawer container. And the tons of jewelry I own is stored in its own  3 drawer container as well. I am constantly getting frustrated with my closet and removing clothes to give it a more updated look and feel. And I keep a list of items that are borrowed from my friends. Some might say I'm pretty OCD about MY CLOSET.


Andrea said...

ANY girl that has the GUTS to email pix of her (fabulous) closet to her blog..gets me as a follower ...

Luv it.


Felicia said...


Taylor Sterling said...

These are great!! Thanks for the mention!! XOXO

stylewithbenefits said...

So fabulous! Your closet looks big! I try to be as organized as possible too but it only takes that one time when I'm indecisive about what I want to wear and clothes start to get thrown all over the place. Thanks for sharing these pics!

xo, Becs

mom & son said...

wow, what an amazing and lots of fabulous
collections of clothes/accessories!
i love it!


Sole Sista PR said...

Oh My gosh..... How many pairs of shoe do you own?

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks so much for the blog visit =)
I like this post, very fun and informative!!

I use a photographer when he's handy. Otherwise tripod/timer. ;)


Taylor Sterling said...

I posted your closet on my page! :)

Kathy said...

Your closet is so tidy! I wish I had as much shoes as you have!

Robynne said...

SEriously cool! WOw. Makes me want to do a closet post! LOve it. Great blog.

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