Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fabric Girl

After a host of emails and pestering visits to the instructor of the costume design class, I finally was admitted in. The process was not easy by any means. I had been waiting to take her begginner's design class for a year, when the time finally came to register for the course I was elated. My emotions were quickly deplored with sadness and anger after discovering all the seats had been filled by theatre kids within a matter of two hour. My highschool experiences consisted of theatre brats always recieving preferential treatment, and this current incident did not negate the fact. Some of you may say, she is being a bit dramatic, but I refused to let all the theatre kids take away an opportunity to design garments, especially when their interests were only motivated by degree requirements. Naturally, I harassed the instructor until she finally suggested I come to class on the first day to see if any of the students on her roster would drop the class, and boy did I. Well, let me just say, my persistence and mild harrasment tatics worked, because I am almost sure everyone showed up. However, she admitted me into the class due to my determination, and possibly out of slight pity. Actually, I think majority of it was out of pity, but who cares when you are in the pursuit of happiness.

I am still trying to figure out this whole camera posing thing. Figuring out your right angles and facial expressions is extremely difficult. I am trying not to think about it to much, but I want my pictures to look some what street chic with a mixture of couture. Basically, I want them to be perfect, but I guess beginners can't rush perfection. By the end of this year I would prefer if my sexy face didn't look like I was grimacing. I plan to practice in the mirror tonight and all week until I get a signature pose and serene photogenic face. Despite my frustration with blog modeling, I really am enjoying my new camera and so is my friend, Tim. Infact, I think Tim enjoys my new camera more than me and he should for what I paid for it.

Boots- Gianni Bini, Belt, Jeans, Necklace and Earrings-Beyourself Boutique, Blouse worn as jacket- Vintage Diane Von Furstenburg, Blue Top- Von Maur and Purse- Vintage

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Love your "blazer" so nice!
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