Monday, February 1, 2010

Wish List

I have been pursuing a dress form for almost two years now and everytime I think I get close to snagging one, reality knocks me down. I went looking at antique stores, retail clothing stores that have gone out of business, and I regularly check craigs list, but I always miss the opportunity. I refuse to pay full price for one, but it appears that I will have to do so. The dress form is $329. Next on the wish list are the lovely Collin Stuart, 5 'inch, fringe suede peep toe booties, I came across these while I was perusing the wonderful site of Victoria Secret, luckily they ar only $118, I think I can swing that a little quicker than the dress form, too bad these shoes fail to fit the criteria of a priority.

 The last thing on my wish list is this Limited Edition, Brother, and Project Runway model sewing machine. It is retailed at $399, a price that I am still trying to wrap my mind around. Making the extravagant purchase of a sewing machine gets more and more tempting everyday, considering that I just finished learning how to hand sew hems in my stage costume design class, and I know that a sewing machine will only speed up the process. Not to mention, I learn how to use a sewing machine tommorow. I am estatic. I hope to buy each of these items within the next six months, well, preferably two months for the shoes. So, whats on your wish list for 2010?

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