Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today was such a beautiful day. The weather is finally beginning to reflect the spring season. I just love how wind mildly blows with the warmness of the sun. I was in such a springy mood, that I decided to throw on this vintage dress. This is one of my first vintage pieces that I purchased,when I first started thrifting. Now look at me, I'm practically a vintage hoarder.
As I walked from class to class, my chiffon dress had the whole Marilyn Monroe "blow-with-the-wind" malfunction, so I decided to mildly incorporate it into my photo shoot.  
Vintage Dress- The Giving Tree, Shoes- JS for Von Maur- Tights- Target, Belt- F21, Earrings- BeYourelf Boutique and Necklace - Express


Taylor Sterling said...

beautiful dress! I love the colors on you!!

R.Burlynette said...

Love the dress! You look fierce!

princesspolitico said...

i adore the sophistication of this outfit - the springlike colors and print are just fabulous. PLUS those tights are simply lovely! fantastic photos :)


Amy T said...

ooo love everything about this outfit, especially the dress

Anonymous said...

where did you get this amazing dress??

Alethea said...

Your face blossoms with the dress!

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