Monday, March 29, 2010


I let go of any inhibitions and just told myself I was no longer going to let what people think about my wardrobe control what I decide to wear.
I chose to wear my vintage sequins bolero today. Yes, I got a few stares of shock and digust, but that was nothing compared to my liberation of wearing it. From now on I am going to wear whatever I want and today was sequins in broad daylight.
Vintage Sequins Bolero- Flying Worm, V-neck Tee, Bracelet and  Jeans- Express, Purse- Me & Me and Boots- Giani Binni


princesspolitico said...

oh my word! why would you keep that AMAZING BOLERO in your closet? i would wear that stunning beauty every single day :) you look absolutely fantastic - you look fantastic and carefree!


Sky Pies said...

I love this!!!!!! Who gives a crap what people think, you look fabulous and that's what matters!!

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