Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I dressed up today just because

 What constitutes "dressing up": wearing high heels, a cardigan paired with a dress, earrings, a skirt, a blouse, a new color of lipstick? I pose this question, because everyone has different notions of what dressing up means. For me, dressing up means wearing a formal gown, adorned in international diamonds, but for a random spectator, pearls with a sun dress and flats is dressing up. I hate it when people ask me "why am I all dressed up today?" I get asked so many times a day that I usually respond with a new reason for everytime I am asked. And, its so funny that no one ever accepts the answer, "because I wanted to."  When exactly did it become a crime to come to school groomed? And, why do I have to have a reason for looking presentable? And, when did your self-esteem and love for fashion become an invalid reason to look put together?  Share your thoughts bloggers, I would love to hear your experiences and what you think. 
Top- Urban Outifitters, Belt- Thrifted, Bracelets- Banana Republic and Express, Earrings- BeYourself, Platform Shoes- Aldo


Anonymous said...

Dressing up to me is like preparing for the Oscar's red carpet. Being glammed up to the fullest potential. Wearing heels, pearls, or any type of jewelry to may be outshining does not mean you are dressed up. The average person may wear flats, jeans, t-shirts everyday. Dressing for them is like going to church on Easter Sunday every year. Dressing for one's personality is dressing up. Do not let anyone deny yours creative fashion expressions every!!


jamie clare said...


Dressing up for me is going all out, haha. I'll wear heels/pearls/lipstick/whatever any day of the's just a mental thing for me, like a really conscious extra dose of effort.

We should do a blogger photoshoot thing and be total dorks together. Haha!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh i soooo want your outfit. he belt is perfection. Loves it. Thanks for commenting.

EmbodyingFashion said...

I really like your style. And dressing up for me is a ritual and I don't care if it's on mondey, friday or any other day, I dress up if I wanna feel special that day.

StuddedBows said...

cute outfit! i really like your shoes

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