Monday, April 19, 2010

Blue Ambitions

Lately,  I have been thinking about my future and how much promise it holds. I know that I want to be a reporter, and I know that I am absolutey head over heels for the fashion industry. However, I have not found a realistic middle ground between the two, in figuring out how I am going to accomplish or integrate them both. I have so many goals and expectations that I set for myself, but I am not sure that my ambitions have been strong enough to accomplish them. Well, its definitely time for me to create a blueprint and start carving out a career for myself, independently and with the help of organizations. I haven't decided how, but I know that it must get done. Failure is not an option.

New York Fashion Week is on my mind and I would definitely like to get there before 2012. I am going to make sure it happens.

Wearing: Skirt- Express, Flats- Steve Madden, Shirt- Target, Earrings- F21 and Glasses- UO


s.a.i.m.e said...


Taylor Sterling said...

you look amazing! I love the bold scarf!!

Alethea said...

I looove the photos in your apartment. You look greaaat! You blog is simply awesome.

Alethea said...

Are you Felicia Mesadieu the next FASHION ICON?

julianne. said...

freeking amazing outfit.
i am totally diggin it.
you look absolutely amazing.<3

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