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Featured Blogger of The Month: Taylor Sterling

 Great blogs are hard to come by, but when you finally discover one, it definitely feels like you found a pot of gold. Fashion blogger, Taylor Sterling, is this month’s pot of gold. We love her for her impeccable style, reader-friendly posts, blogger interaction and feminine commitment to pastel pinks. Taylor has captured the interests of many blog followers in the past year and continues to inspire daily, she truly is the epitome of a fashion muse. She’s Obsessed couldn’t resist interviewing the mastermind behind the Sterling Style blog. Here, Taylor shares her inspiration, experience and words of encouragement with the blogosphere community.

Featured Blogger of The Month: Taylor Sterling's Sterling Style

Back to the Basics:
When did you first develop a passion for fashion? I think the first time I was truly aware I had a passion for fashion was in middle school. I was shopping at thrift stores, going to indie concerts in San Francisco and trying to really portray my individuality when other girls were just being girlie and concerned with popularity. I always wanted to be different and style was a way for me to express myself.

Who is your favorite designer? Wow, that is tough. I have so many. My idol is Stella McCartney. She is a genuine woman who truly loves women and their bodies and lifestyle. I respect that. I like designers who aren’t necessarily trying to be the most “high fashion”, but are trying to dress women in the real world. She does it to perfection. I dream of attending one of her shows.

Tell us about your experience as an intern at Who What Wear? I actually interned at Women’s Wear Daily in Los Angeles in 2003. I was a fashion intern for a marketing editor and I was in charge of assisting her on photo shoots, styling, trend scouting and attending market appointments. I actually interned with Whitney Port (The Hills and The City). It was a blast and yet another example that fashion plays a big part in my life.

What is your current occupation? I am the director of recruiting for a financial services firm. I love that I get to find the right talent for a company. I contribute to their growth and culture.

Most people identify New York City as the Fashion Capital and praise them for their style consciousness. However, several popular fashion bloggers are based out of the sunny city, how would you say Los Angeles’s fashion scene compares and contributes within the industry? Well, I am not fun Los Angeles. However, I can see that LA has a lot of style for being the Hollywood magnet they are. They are obviously going to have stylish women since there are so many stores and stylist there. However, I think some of the most creative and fun fashion bloggers are from Northern California. Up here we have a different climate and are not as well known as LA, but the girls here are creative and relaxed!

What European country intrigues you the most when it comes to fashion? I love Paris. I know that is so cliché, but ever since I was a little girl I have had an obsession with Paris, France. The women are so feminine and powerful at the same time. I love their sense of style and lifestyle.


How would you define your personal style and how long did it take for you to evolve it? My style is always evolving. If you look at my blog it shows. I think that I am eclectic. I don’t want to be pigeonholed. However, I think I have a tendency to pick feminine and whimsical pieces.

Many people have their own ideas of what dressing up means, what is your definition?  Dressing up is different for everyone. To me it means putting a little more effort into your hair, makeup and fashion and being glamorous.

Your outfits are always so put together, but still manage to have this creative edge. Where do you pull inspiration from, ex: magazines, fashion shows, movies, street style blog sites? Like I mentioned before, I take inspiration from everywhere. I get a lot of it from other fashion blogs. I like to take elements of magazine trends and street style. I am not trying to be anyone I am not, but I also like to try new things.

How long does it take you to get ready, do you ever find yourself standing in the closet for almost an hour trying to conceptualize an outfit? I usually can pull myself together in an hour. My hair takes the longest if I am doing it straight. Of course, I get into ruts. I have had times when I break down in tears over nothing working right. So dramatic- ha ha!

Do you ever have comfortable days when you just wear sweats to go run errands? Heck yes! I am not a 24 hour fashion maven. If you know me I am very down to earth and like to be comfortable. If you lived in my city you are more likely to see me running around in my workout clothes with sweaty hair and no make-up.

What is one article of clothing in your closet that you can’t live without and constantly find yourself revisiting every month? I love a leather jacket. I wear them constantly with jeans, leggings, skirts and dresses. It is my “go to” piece! I own five (four are fake).

Have you ever been apprehensive of wearing something that was completely over the top, and would provoke lots of stares, if so how did you overcome that fear? Yes, this happens a lot especially because I live in a town where you will more likely see a mom at Starbucks and a stroller than a girl who is fashionable. Sometimes I am worried I will stick out too much. I just tell myself you only live once and why not wear what makes you happy.

What is your definition of beauty? A woman with confidence and is genuine.

The Reign of the Blogger:

When did you decide to join the blogosphere world, any blogger inspirations? I joined two years ago, but I only really started to contribute about eight months ago. It has been a blast so far. When I am checking out blogs I go to “The Cherry Blossom Girl, Nana in Wonderland, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Refinery 29 and Who What Wear.

Do you ever get overwhelmed with maintaining your primary blog in addition to other fashion networks and other responsibilities that you have taken on? If so, how do you prioritize your commitments?Yes, I do. it can be very hard to keep up with them all and work, gym, and family. I try my best to put the latter first and then work on the blog. If I have the extra time I use the other social media sites.

What type of camera do you use and who photographs you? I use a Nikon d60 and I either take them with a remote myself or my boyfriend or friends help me.

What does it take for a unfamiliar blogger to interest you, and what content do you look for? I look for someone with great style, a unique perspective and large pretty images.

Who are two of your favorite U.S. and international fashion bloggers? Oh, that is tough. I love Cupcakes and Cashmere and The Cherry Blossom Girl.

How did your blog become so successful? What unusual efforts did you put into it? Unlike many other bloggers my blog did not get successful over night. Unlike other blogs, my blog did not become successful overnight.If you have not noticed bloggers who only post outfit pictures tend to get popular faster. I love posting those, but I want to do more than that. I think you just have to be dedicated, passionate, and respond to your readers.

What is your advice to aspiring fashionistas who want to contribute to the fashion industry? Never give up, anything is possible. Be a student to fashion and keep up with all the current trends.


Taylor Sterling said...

Thank you for this great feature!! So flattered!

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Oh, Great! I am sooo estatic that you like it!

Anonymous said...

i loved this post its nice to see bloggers appreciating other bloggers! keep up the great work

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Great interview! Taylor is fab & amazing!

xo, becs

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Really great interview! Luv Taylor! xxx

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