Monday, April 5, 2010

So much to do

Today, was so overwhelming that it brought me to tears. I just realized that there truly are not enough hours in the day to accomplish what you set out to do. Take this blog for instance, while I am taking out the time to share my passion with the world, minutes are being deducted from the time I should have spent on homework. But, am I really wrong for spending time on something that I committed myself to and consider a huge priority. I have neglected this blog many times before, and I won't allow myself to do it again. However, the same should apply to my academics, but sometimes I just need a break from collegiate life. I feel like it consumes me and I am not seeing any fruits of the labor. Either way, I walk away feeling guilty and incapable of doing what needs to be done. I really can't wait to just graduate, so I can give my devotion to projects that benefit me and make me happy.
I have been waiting to wear this outfit forever, but something always stood in the way of me wearing it. I felt like a park avenue/ equestrian princess. My inspiration was Blair Waldorf from "Gossip Girl". I love her style, it is so timeless and put together. Blair Waldorf takes out the time to conceptualize her outfit and her everyday appearance reflects that. I can definitely appreciate that about her character. Many people may gravitate more to Serena's style because its so thoughtless, or as many would say "effortless".  But, I don't really care for people who are perceived as effortless, and I never could understand or relate to the dictum.  I feel a lot more at ease knowing that you did think about it. And, today I wanted people to know that I did think about this outfit, in fact, its been on my mind for months now. Yet, its funny that no matter how put together you think you are, someone always finds a way to rain on your parade. They either have to point out a slight wardrobe malfunction, i.e., dust hair off of you, straighten your shirt or tuck it in, fix your hair...blah blah blah.... They just have to let you know that you missed a spot and your not completely perfect. Well, thanks for the reality check, NOT!
                                                                                 wearing: Romantic Rose Blouse- New York & CO, Plaid Shorts- Express, Tights- Anthropologie, Purse- Vintage, and Boots- Jessica Simpson


s.a.i.m.e said...

love the blouse :D

Kate said...

I love your bag!

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
Love those boots!


Rachel said...

Great outfit! I really love the feather headband and the handbag!

Mary Paz said...

Love ur style, and ur skin ;)
I prefer Blair than Serena too, but I really like Serena's personality. U look very good with jeans and white t-shirt! =)
I have a translator in my blog, if u need.

el ropero de pili said...

hey! your Blog is amazing! and your outfits toooooooo

follow you!

kisses from Munich

julianne. said...

i am totally head over heels for this outfit.
i love the shorts, tights, and boots combo.
you look truly amazing.<3

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