Sunday, November 21, 2010

White Chicken Cheese Chili

Searching for the perfect recipie can take hours if you have the patience. However, if you are in a hurry, its best to improvise.

Its amazing how the winter months inspire you to put your domestic abilities to good use by cooking warm creamy soups and dips.
Today's craving, was a white chicken cheese chilli broth that my girlfriend cooked for me one night, and I have been yearning for it ever since. I spent almost an hour googling the recipie, until I just decided to go to the grocery store, and purchase whatever I needed to make up my own little renditiion.

Ingredients: chicken broth, chicken strips or diced, cream of chicken soup, black beans, corn, mild cheese dip, and monterey jack cheese dip.
The trick to this recipie is managing to keep the chili thick and creamy but still brothy. I love my stews and dips creamy but not too heavy.

Served with tortilla chips or (rice). Bon Apetite


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mmmmmm that looks sooo good

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