Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Every quarter I model in one of the biggest fashion shows of the city. It is the show where women bring their mothers, sisters, aunts, and best friends for the best suggestion of  a couture, vintage, and classic style of a dress. It is the show that allows venues to promote their best products and services. It is the show that gives you a sweet tooth for the most elaborate cake. It is a show that makes every woman wonder if her day will come, and what it will look like. It is the show that makes the most cynical women become hopeless romantics for at least 30 minutes. It is the show that puts so many ideas and feelings into perspective. I bet you are wondering what fashion show could possibly have that great of an influence. 
Normally, I am very indifferent about weddings and everything that could be possibly related to the ceremony. So, I never let the bridal shows affect me. I am just in awe of the fashion and I enjoy walking in them. But, something about this fashion show just really allowed me to be taken by the idea of being a bride. Mostly because I envision this dress that is totally out of the traditional radar. I want to reach another pinnacle of fashion and edge, and I want all of my guests to remember me for it. This show really gave me hope that my dream of a couture wedding could actually be reality one day. There are so many things that the bride must take into consideration when she is getting married, these are my top six:
1. The Cosmetics
2.The Hair
This year The Grove styled the models' hair and they used so many props for are hair. In all of my experience in modeling for the show, this was definitley the most couture for hair styling. I fell in love with this netting. One of the hair stylists told me that the net blew in someone's yard, and they grabbed it because they thought it would look great in hair. I concured with their abstract vision. I was definitely in inspired to incorporate this look the next time I decide to go for a really edgy look to a party. I am absolutely smitten by the styling.

3.The Furniture

4.The Flowers
5.The Food

6.The Dress

The models got an opportunity to experience wearing an array of Ellyn's couture bridal gowns. Ellyn's gowns are absolutely divine.

Wearing: Maggie Sottero wedding gown

Hope you enjoyed the show!

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