Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't forget to white balance

As I mentioned earlier this week, the photography element of the blog has got to be the most challenging thing.Technique is everything, and unfortunately I just don't feel that my photographs convey that just yet. I love polished, refined, crisp, and editorial syle pictures. This goal can be a little difficult to accomplish when you are not very familiar with your cameras settings or photography. Something as simple as forgetting to white balance can ruin your photograph. Luckily, I was able to rescue these  photos from a complete over exposed disaster by editing them.
  The art of posing is as equally as important as the technical side of photography, and in my opinion, it is just not my strong point. I find it difficult to look straight on into the camera without smiling. I don't consider myself a model, and I don't have that edgy stare that I admire about most models. Action pictures are my favorite. Most times I look away from the camera, but I find this to be unnatural and too rehearsed even. I don't want to just seem like a woman who just poses in closthes. I really want to express my style, but also seem inviting. I want my blog to have a sense of editorialism to it,  but I also want it to seem very personable to the reader. I want the reader to enjoy coming back each tim. I just want to express my personal style.
I am sharing my concerns with you, because I love expressing my feelings, but I also believe it is important to have this relationship with your readers. As my blog evolves, I want you to understand the challenges I faced to get to this I desire. I want you to witness my evolution, and what better way, than to share it with you. Over the course of the month, I am going to work hard to improve my pictures and my blog content. I am very excited for this challenge. I am going to be extremely busy with graduation approaching and all. I am so elated for this process.
Wearing: vintage Liz Claiborne blazer- Thrifted, Blouse and Leggings- Express, Shoes-Collin Stuart, and Scarf- JC Pennys

Thank you for perusing my blog today.


Paola. said...

nice blog! i love your leopardprint scarf:)

Felicia said...

thank you, Paola!

film is fashion said...

great title! i had to check it out :)

the photos look fab.

she's obsessed said...

thank you film is fashion.

The Natty and Jessie Show said...

These red pants are hotness!!! LOVE!

Miss Jessie

Anonymous said...

I always love red with leopard. I have a leopard obsession. Pretty post.

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