Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting Into The Groove

In 2008  I started this blog, unsure of the direction it would eventually take. I just knew that I wanted to write about fashion, and this avenue allowed me to do that. I remember being so excited about my basic template, and putting together Polyvore sets, which I hardly use anymore, trying to figure out my niche within the fashion blogosphere. It wouldn't be long before I discovered addictive blogs such as, "Because I'm Addicted, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Karla's Blog, Sea of Shoes and The Glamouri. These blogs inspired me to enhance my blog, style, and resarch influences.
The biggest challenge I faced was committing to regular updates. Staying current with your blog and readers takes a lot of dedication, time, research and photography assistance. Getting someone to take your regularly take your picture has proven to be the most difficult thing, when accepting your role as a blogger who publicly documents his or her personal style. Consequently, I  find myself asking my friends all hours of the day to take  pictures of me.  Nevertheless, I feel it is necessary for the success of my blog and to develop as a professional blogger. This year I decided to really commit to this blog. I am still getting into the groove of things, figuring out how many times a week I will and can post.  I have to set away time to research new trends, and much more. I really want this blog to succeed, and I understand the sacrifices  I will have to make for this dream. I am asking each of my readers to follow me along the journey of my fashion progression. Select the Follow Icon and become a follower.
Hey readers, did any of you notice that I cut my hair shorter?

Wearing: Vintage Reconstructed Dress- American Vintage, Tights- Kohls, Faux Fur Vest- Express, Vintage Earrings- A Second Chance


s.a.i.m.e said...

love it :D

Felicia said...

thank you!

Stacy said...

love it, so perfect

Felicia said...

Thank you Stacy...I love your blog too. And I visited your other blog, the beginning stages of your novel is great.

Tara Renee said...

Great style girly!

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