Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Make A Decision Already

 Searching for the right picture can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you have over 20 favorites.  I suffer from indecisiveness and it hinders me from choosing quality over quantity. I take hours to filter through the photos I want to post, and I always end up with five or more. One day I would love to just have four good ones. I remember watching an episode of the reality show, Stylista, where the contestants had a challenge of putting together a fashion editorial spread. The contestants were grouped into to two teams, and the loosing team lost, due to their inability to choose less photos for the editorial spread. Well, let me just say that I can definitely relate to the experience of wanting to choose them all. But, what are you to do, when you love them all the same? Thank God there are no photo limitations on this blog. However, I gather it would be a good idea to start choosing less photos, to prepare me for the career I am going to have in fashion editorial.
 Photo Courtesy: The ArtHype

 I love this vintage mustard suede coat, I randomly bought it during one of my vintage explorations downtown. I have only worn it once, and that was to report my first news story. I was more concerned about the fashion than the actual story, and boy did it show in my story. It was a location disaster.
          The mink collar and pleated detail on this coat screams vintage. It definitely closed the deal for me.
                                         It reminded me of a coat from the 1930's.  I am extremely curious of its previous ownership. There is something about it being vintage that makes it all the more special.
 A recent discussion with two males compelled me to really gather my scattered thoughts and reevaluate my idea of what truly makes a woman BAD. I was challenged over and over again to give my description of what a BAD woman was, and sadly I contradicted myself each time I changed the meaning. Unfortunately, I couldn't disassociate physical attractiveness from the definition as much as I wanted to. My credibility began to diminish, because I couldn't commit to the simple definition and I began to second guess myself.
I went home and really pondered on what the definition of a BAD woman meant to me and what she looked like. It was then that I realized I allowed myself to get lost in the word's trendy usage to reference some one's physical appearance. Consequently, I would loosely use the word to refer to someone I thought was insanely pretty with intriguing sex appeal. I admit that this is pretty easy to do when you live in a society that prioritizes attractiveness, and allows looks to set the tone for how others will interact with you. You would like to think that our notions of attractiveness encompasses inner and outer beauty, but often times it does not and we allow ourselves to get wrapped into superficial thinking patterns. I feel as a woman, it is my duty to be able to identify a BAD woman when I see one and really understand what it means to me, despite others opinions.
So, what really constitutes a woman being BAD? And, who measures her BADNESS? Is it her style or sense of fashion? Is it her physical beauty? Does her physical beauty coupled with her inner soul and accomplishments make her BAD? Is it her alluring demeanor and sophistication? Is it her thought provoking intellect. Or, is it solely her confidence and ability to convince everyone that she is dynamic, and still maintain humbleness. Can you point her out if you have only been introduced to her one time? Or should you have known her for quite sometime? All of these questions deserve careful thought. I do believe you have to make the decision to choose how you are going to use the word. Once you realize how you are going to use it everything else will fall into place. I am in the process of making my decision. I will report back to you once it has been made. In my experience notions of substance don't happen over night.

Wearing: Vintage Coat-A Second Chance, Suede Pumps- Collin Stuart, Dress-Vintage,Clutch-Thrifted, Tights-JC Pennys, and Jewelry- F21
  Readers: In your opinion, what makes a woman BAD to you?
Thank you for taking the time out to peruse my blog today.

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