Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A PAPPARAZZI MOMENT (Reader becomes outraged and leaks photo)

Today, I experienced one of the most shocking paparazzi moments of my fashion blogging career, when a candid photo of me was released to Facebook. Recently, She's Obsessed fan, Abiola Kosoko  witnessed me wearing relaxed apparel on one of my "off days" at an intimate gathering, and became extremely furious. My unfamiliar appearance outraged Kosoko so much that he caputured a mobile photo, and exposed it to Facebook, in hopes that I would loose support and fashion blogging credibility. His digust reached an all time high when he created an album titled "Photos of Felicia," which insinuated that he would be posting more shocking photos in the future to rectify this fashion crime he believed offended him. Kosoko also went to the extremes of creating a social media thread, gathering facebook friends, including his brother whom also shared a mutual disgust, with intentions to ridicule me as a "fashonista."
At first, I took a very defensive approach to this situation and responded hastily. I just couldn't believe that someone would be so appalled by a fashion blogger's off day,  that they would go through the trouble of capturing a picture, saving it to their phone (which holds very little memory), and remembering to post it the same day that she promotes her blog post to facebook But, then I considered how appalled I am when my FAVORITE fashion icons make fashion mishaps. However, I never thought that I would experience unwanted papparrazzi attention similar to that of an international A-list celebrity on a local city level. Who would have thought that even in the city of Omaha, papparazzi were flashing  mobile phone cameras anticipating the very moment that you are caught on a off day to leak it to the public. 
I want to humbly inform my readers that although I breathe fashion, I do not always leave the house looking picture perfect. I am not a 24-hour glamazon. Some days I wear bleached sweats, gym t-shirts, snow boots, no make up, and a hat to cover my unfinished head. I now realize that  She's Obsessed readers hold me to high standards, due to my blog and usual attire, and by right those standards should be met in most cases. I would like to thank the Kosokos for this papparazzi experience, and for encouraging me to stay on my A-game, even on a day of exhaustion.  This picture is the best motiviation that I could ever have to stay fashionably prepared for any occassion.To all my fellow fashion bloggers out there, just remember eyes are always on you, cameras are always flashing, and your readers have high expectations, or this could be the consequence: (read below)

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    • Felicia Mesadieu ‎#ISTRONGLYDISLIKEYOUFORTHIS......I will still fail and all! holla! :)
      11 hours ago ·

    • Sara Belle Walker WORST EVER! WANNA MURDER
      11 hours ago ·

    • Sara Belle Walker sorry Jakeen .... lol
      11 hours ago ·

    • Abiola Demo Kosoko Felicia is the culprit Sara.
      10 hours ago ·

    • Sara Belle Walker ooops. fail felicia.
      9 hours ago · · 2 peopleLoading...

    • Felicia Mesadieu Unfortunately, i'm not really convinced that Sara is relevant enough to be saying "fail" to me! Or anyone else who likes this picture for that matter.
      9 hours ago ·

    • Abiola Demo Kosoko ‎-__-
      9 hours ago ·

    • Abiola Demo Kosoko felicia. a homeless child in bosnia could recognize this as a fail. sorry. do better
      9 hours ago · · 1 personLoading...

    • Felicia Mesadieu The fact that you took out your time to do this....speaks volumes...WOW Demo....thank you so much for thinking of me....REALLY! I'm glad this stayed on your brain from sunday until indeed might be my biggest supporter! :)
      9 hours ago · · 1 personLoading...

    • Abiola Demo Kosoko much luv for you fleeceia. just do better. ♥
      9 hours ago ·

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Good for you Fe Fe!

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