Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beauty and Lifestyle Spring Wish List

I am a fanatic of quality beauty products, toiletries, and furnishings that make my moments on earth more precious than the day before. I am usually not a big technology connoisseur, but with the latest capabilites of Apple devices, my curiosity and desire to have the IPhone is intensifying every day. I hear that it's a fashion blogger's best friend.
 1.Creed Spring Flowers perfume, $225.00.I have been consistently wishing on a star since 2008 for this perfume. This fragrance has such a delightful floral scent to it. It is perfect for evening wear.

 2. Mac Superglass Lipgloss, $21.00. I first discovered this lipgloss last spring and I have been hooked ever since. It makes a huge statement with its tiny gold flakes, that can give any pout a colorful sizzle.
3. Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton Wall Flowers $16.50. These home fragrance plug-ins keep your living space smelling fresh and crisp, providing you with the ulimate cozy experience that makes you want to spring clean your whole entire apartment.

4.Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton Shower Gel, $10.50. This shower gel has such a light and airy scent to it. It makes you feel like you have been swimming in a "sea of cotton."

5. The Apple IPhone $600.00. Some wish items remain wish items. I really want this phone, but it definitely has to be budgeted in. I am extremely impressed with all of the applications it has to offer. I know it will make my life alot more simple than what my broken Blackberry Pearl has doing. It is so time for an upgrade.

6.Pureology Hydrate Hair Shampoo, $49.00. I am search of a hair shampoo that hydrates my hair, and I have heard great reviews about this shampoo. I need alot of moisture for me thick tresses, and I believe his shampoo is the answer.

7. Napeolon Gold Perdis Loose Dust, $20.00. I first fell in love with this eye shadow when I watched a friend get her make up done at a Napeolon make up counter. I love the sparkle it adds to the eye, it gives you that ultra glamourous look. And, I am all about the glam.

8. Mirrored White Pillows. I am redecorating my apartment, and I want my couches to have a white finished look. I am currently searching for the fluffy pillows that makes my slouching experience feel like heaven.

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