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Recently, one of my readers asked me to blog about selecting clothes that are appropriate for specific figures. Shopping can be brutal when you are trying to buy clothes that flatter your shape, and give your body a proportioned appearance. Being the curvacious women that I am, I have to work that much harder to find clothes that balance my shape and still allow me to look stylish. Maintaining optimism while searching for my size on boutique racks and second-hand stores poses even more of a challenge for me, but I try not to let myself get discouraged. Often times than not, fashion magazines advertise clothes on models that are a size 2 to a 6, with a size 8 treading thin ice of being considered plus size, adding to the misery of  the you face with the lack resource guidance. Well, I am a 10-12, and that pretty much makes a plus size woman, with a body that I have learned to accept and dress.

I don't claim to know all the rules, but I apply the basics and gather knowledge from everything I can pretty much find. I recently, purchased The Lucky Guide To Mastering Any Style, by Kim France and Andrea Linett and Dress Your Best, by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London Hosts of TLC's, What Not to Wear. Each book contains over 200 pages, with rules, advice and picture friendly images to assist you with dressing your body.  There is so much information that one couldn't dare post all of it in one blog post. Therefore, I have decided to post rules and tips 2-3 times a month on how to shop and dress your figure. Today I would like to focus on curvacious/plus size shapes:

BACK TO THE BASICS: When dressing a curvacious/plus size shape
Always remember proportion is key. Proportion means making sure that you are able to balance you look. An example of this would be "long over short." A long jacket with skinny pants or a loose fitting blouse with a fitted pencil skirt or mini or shorts.

Flatter your figure
If you are like me and have a little extra in the middle, try to camouflage the areas that have the potential to create a fashion mishap.

The New Secrets of Style, from the editors of InSTYLE say the goal is "Define your waist." This goal can be achieved by wearing clothes that elongate your figure and exhibit your curves without
Shop for pieces that elongate your figure and exhibit your curves without bringing to much attention to them.
  •   pieces that fall smoothly over your curves 
  •  dress and skirts that are nipped in the waist
  •  monochramatic separates........ DISCLAMER(This rule is subject to go flying out the window when you want to have a little fun with print, but only if your are comfortbale with it. Use your better judgement on what looks flattering for your shape.) I myself like to experiment with different prints and colors, but this rule can be applied depending on the mood I am. There are different perspectives on fashion and I like to go with what looks good, but it also keep it fun.  I don't always go completely by the book, but I do take tips and rules here and there. However, if you feel this rule better suits your fashion goals, than by all means do whatever your feel works better for you.

The Reign of the Structure. If your are anything like me and have an obsession with blazers, then you are absolutely going to love this fundamental.  Clinton and Stacey say "that the structured jacket is basically the solution to everything," and I absolutely agree. I believe a structured dress, jacket, shirt or blazer can flatter your figure.

Structured garments have the ability to camoflauge the extra "love" that you carry in some areas while  simultaneoulsy providing that much wanted stylish flair.

Photo cred:,  and google images (structured blazer)

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