Friday, May 27, 2011

Morning Inspiration

 photo cred: (Diane Von Furstenburg) Spring 2010
This weekend is going to be dedicated to organization, blogging, cleaning, and catching up on current issues and trends (social and fashion related). Yesterday I went to the thrift store searching for a hot pink blazer with gold buttons, and I found patio furniture instead. My eyes were captivated by a wooden bamboo like chair with a corduroy tan cushion. It was ideal for the Caribbean, beach theme I have for my apartment. I have always wanted to sit outside on my balcony, drinking a glass of wine, watching the busy neighborhood streets. Well, when I saw the chair I knew that it would be perfect for my summer vision. I plan to spend a lot of time at home with myself this summer reflecting and preparing for my phase II of life. This new patio chair will give me comfort while I am reading, blogging, and reflecting. I will be taking pictures of myself relaxing in it soon. Lately the weather has been dreadful.
 Photo cred: ZINK Magazine
I chose these photos for morning inspiration, because they all inspire me in different ways, the first photo inspires me because it motivates me to stay current with fashion trends and designers. The second photo inspires me because it inspires me to learn everything I need to know about photography, as I am constantly producing images for my blog. The third photo is a picture of Karla Derass, and she inspires me to commit 100% percent to my blog, which I find to be a constant battle when I am always doing other things. But, nevertheless, a successful blog and career in the fashion industry is my dream, so I will do what it takes to get there. Karla's style is impeccable to me. She definitely has transitioned into the category of being a fashion icon.
The fourth photo is a photo of fashion blogger, Christina Topacio , and this photo inspires me to wear whatever I darn please. But, most importantly this photo inspires me to publish the interview, that she so graciously participated in, to my blog.

Photo cred: (Fashion Blogger Photos) images were taken from Karla's Closet and Profresh Style

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