Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Phase Two

 It feels so good to be back blogging again. I had to take a leave of absence to focus on my last semester of undergrad. I am officially a college graduate, and it feels amazing. I recently landed a intern/staff position at Mal Pearson Productions as a PR assistant  to Mal Pearson, a CW network correspondent, fashion and beauty consultant. I am ecstatic to be doing exactly what I love (television, fashion, and writing). My first day at the office was today, and I felt like I was working in the offices of Vogue. It felt great to walk into work with my 5 inch stilettos and nude mac lip gloss, where it was actually considered normal to be fashionable.  I was surrounded by a sea of fashion magazines, beauty products and mannequins draped in posh garments with colleagues, who too aspire to sit in the first row at New York fashion week, have dinner with Anna Dello Russo, and sport this season's latest pair of Christian Louboutin's platform heels to a afternoon trunk show. Who would have thought I could actually attain fashion heaven in Omaha, Nebraska. I see a great future for myself.
I recently just came back from a trip to Chicago and the weather was absolutely unbearable, but I managed to tolerate the weather's random sudden change of heart enough to do some much anticipated shopping. I found a really great vintage blazer that I will be wearing soon. I can't wait to blog about it. These army green suede shoes were collected during the trip. I love how toned they make my legs look and the mini peep hole. However, they are not the most comfortable to walk in. I definitely switched into flats when I went to my second job today, as I do a lot more walking there. Yet, I managed to put them back on to go to the grocery store. As one of my good friends, Jakeen, would say "fashion above all else". Beauty and Fashion knows no pain.

 Wearing: Top-Vintage, Skirt-Express, Broach-Thrifted, Shoes-Sam Edelman, and Shades-H&M

                    Here are a few pictures of my graduation weekend
 In this collage, I am posing with my mother, sister, and nephew and my some my favorite girlfriends. I am wearing a dress from Beyourself, and earrings from F21.
Here, I am posing with the beautiful, Stacey Flowers. I am wearing a  Maggy London dress and vintage earrings.

In this picture I am wearing a custom made dress by SuShe by JTracy, and posing with the lovely, Aja Anderson. I absolutely love the detailing on this fabric. The massive puff sleeve is incredible. I wanted it to be drastic, so I had her add a little extra stuffing for shock value. Yes, I am one those girls. Several people used my sleeve as a pillow that night. (exhibit A)..... Lately, I have been really feeling Adele's "Rolling In the Deep". Adele is an amazing songstress. If you like Adele's Version. I just know you will love this cover as well. This video was recently shared on facebook, and I just had to share it on this blog. I hope you enjoy it!


LV said...

Great photos! I really love your green shoes:-)


**OnYxStA** said...

i LOVE what you wore on your graduation!
Currently shopping around for the perfect dress for my big day....check out my post on my look's inspiration for the day :)


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