Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer's Bliss

This weekend was amazing, I stayed in and catched up on some much neglected projects. I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned. After cleaning I organized, and job searched. It felt good to just stay in and get things in order. I even had a little time to spare for reading. I am reading a self-help book called, Soar With Your Strengths. The book stresses the importance of focusing your energies on your strengths, rather than devoting all your time trying to improve your weaknesses, which may always remain a weakness. I like the book so far, it is very insightful.

 I purchased this dress on my trip in Chicago at a boutique, which I cannot remember. I love this dress, its screams grecian delight. I love the detail on the shoulders and the egg shell white color. It made me feel so whimisical today. I'm not really a big fan of matching, and my dismay for it seems to increase each year. So, I decided to offset the color of this dress with my navy blue vintage clutch, and multi-colored toffee BCBG heels. This dress makes me feel so free, that I just wanted to liberate my whole body, so I left my neck and wrists bare. Going light on the accessories is an idea that is foreign to me.

 Photos taken by Crystal Nicole

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