Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lets Go Crazy

Today was an interesting day. I did some reflecting at work, and it became ever so clear to me that I am definitely beyond conventional in every way possible. I was never the type of person who slid into  society's standards of what was considered "normal" or what I would like to call common. Everything about me is rather complex or of the unfamiliar. From my short hair cut, to my wide nose, right down to my size 11 shoe. I draw attention to my full thick lips by applying fushia or ruby red lipstick, while other choose to apply nude colors with the intent of diverting the attention elsewhere. I eat my dessert before my dinner, and I drink my liquids after my meal is complete. I scream when I laugh, and I think weddings are boring. I graduated from College at 26, and I still have a mentor that helps me pronounce words that I don't know. I'm not really convinced that I know what a touch down is, and I recently just discovered what an oxymoron was. And, when it comes to fashion, I never match. Many may label me as strange or the epitome of taboo. However, I believe the complexity of my existence is what always set my apart. I like to think of it as being cut from a different kind of fabric. I believe that is why true fashion holds dear to my heart, because we are both abstract in every way possible.
 I love the pattern of this jumpsuit, it is very playful. When I first looked at this jumpsuit I couldn't tell if I wanted to  wear it as pajamas or an actual garment, but after trying it on, I knew it would be perfect for daywear. I wore this outfit once before on my trip to Chicago, but I never actually got the chance to enjoy it the way I wanted to. Today was different.

 I love mixing prints. I feel so liberated when I do it, and I feel like I can take over the world.
Wearing: Vintage Jumpsuit- Goodwill, Necklace- Express, Shoes- Collin Stuart, Purse- Von Maur, Bracelets- F21,  Ring- H&M, and Lipstick- Insanely It by MAC
 I wore all of these bracelets plus more on my trip to Chicago, and almost my missed  flight because I had to take them all off  during the security check. It was one of the most overwhelming traveling experiences that I ever had. If you are an accessory fanatic, I would like to suggest that you not wear a stack of bracelets like this until after the security check. Put your bracelets in a little sack in your carry on. Take them out of your bag while you are waiting to board the plan, then put them on your wrist. At last, you can reach your destination in style.

Pictures taken by Crystal Nicole

Heard this song today and can't get it out of my head. I think its humorous, but kinda sad at the same time.


Natali said...

I love the whole outfit. Love the print of the suiit, you need a lot of personality to wear this! Amazing! I also love your necklace!!!

Felicia said...

Oh, thank you Natali!

LV said...

You look so FAB! I love the edginess of this look. Thanks for stopping by doll and please come again:-)


lolita said...

Love this outfit... I have the same ring.. the blue and the shoes look awesome...x

Saime said...

wow stunning Outfit
love the colors !
and thank u for ur comment :)

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

1 word: WOOOW
that jumpsuit amazing!
and the colors .. PRETTY


High Heels & Good Meals! said...

You look stunning! I love the shoes!

JaKeen Couture said...

So this is by far my favorite post you have written EVER!!! Amazingly honest and vulnerable!! The outfit was sickening I wish you could've worn it while you were here!!! The choice of outfit complimented the post effortlessly! THIS is why I love you Felicia!!!! (keep mixing those prints because your choices are some of the best I have seen)

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