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It never fails that one of the most hideous fashion trends of  the last few decades finds a way to be reincarnated into a stylish creation (also known as good fashion karma). I'm talking about fads that disgust me and you everytime we revisit 80's music videos and movies that casted actors"s with greasy hair and barbie make up. The kind of fads that make you grimace and cringe every time your mom pulls out child hood pictures of you, and you would wonder why she actually let you style your hair or clothes like that.
     Take shoulder pads for example, you couldn't pay me enough to leave my shoulder pads in my suit jackets and tops when my mom would buy my "Sunday's best outfits".  I was constantly tearing them out of my shirts. And, once trendsetters put an end to the shoulder pad movement, many became disgusted by the fact such an idea was even created.  Now, lets move foward into the 00's, ironically, some genius designer suddenly decides that shoulder pads would be cool again. So, now every blazer that mimics a shoulder pad or sculpted look is to be consider fashionable. And, let me just say that I definitely went through my should pad obsession in 2009-2010. My blazers just did not seem to fit the part if they were not full of shoulder cushion.

Well the time has come to resurrect another fashion trend that no one saw coming, "The Fanny Pack."
The original Fanny Pack took over the world. Everyone had them in assorted colors. People wore them even if they didn't match the rest of their outfit, hence the massive production of neon colors. Men, women, and children wore them as the hottest accessory. You actually were put into the "fly" category if you had a fanny pack.Some people never kept anything in them, if just gave them great comfort to know they were sporting the fashionable trend. Not only wore they wore for fashion, but they also served a purpose. They relieved many women of carrying purses or getting them snatched off their shoulders. I mean, who would really want to take 15 minutes to try and snatch a neon green fanny pack off your waist? Because, once they were attached to your hip, they were strapped on really really tight.

Unfortunately, some people never left the original Fanny Movement. Designers have created a new look for those type of people. Look no longer the new Fanny Pack is back in style.
I wasn't a fan of these Overstock updated versions, but I am head over heels with Diane Von Furstenburg and Etro's interpretation of how a Fanny Pack should look in this day and age.

The name "Fanny Pack" in itself sounds horrific, you may now refer to these stylish hipsters as "the hands free" bag, or "the waist bag"....I think I want one now. How about you?
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Erin said...

Lovin' the fanny pack! YES! So glad it's back!


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