Tuesday, June 7, 2011


As the weather gets warmer and more difficult to bear, my desire to find a new summer wardrobe increases by the minute. My closet is filled with blazers that I will not be able to wear as often as I would like, because of my low tolerance of heat and perspiration. I always believed that summer was the hardest season to shop for clothes. Retailers insist on filling the racks with an overwhelming amount of casual spaghetti strap dresses and recycled rompers. And, lets not talk about the ridiculous influx of maxi dresses that we are going to see. A good summer wardrobe is extremely hard to come by. I will really have to tap into my creative side to stay excited about what I am wearing.
I definitely want to try tribal prints more than ever. It is a look that seems to return every summer, but as trendy as it may seem, I feel as if its classically summer appropriate. I will never getting tired of seeing it, wearing it, and lets just say wearing it again.
  I recently visited this Goodwill Boutique called the Reserve and found some really great treasures. This bag was one of those treasures. It took some negotiating with the sales associate before I made the purchase. The ending result was this amazing vintage 60's Verdi purse. I love it. Word of advice: When you are making transactions at a thrift store always negotiate.
   Wearing: Vintage Blazer- Thrifted, Lace Top and Slacks- H&M,  Necklace- BeYourself, Shoes- Nine West, and Vintage Purse- Reserve

Totally in love with this song and this band. I have been listening to this all day. 


mirjam schuurkamp! said...

Girl that jacket is TO DIE FOR!
what a great combination!
really love it girl


Jessy said...

i luv that colour on you~~~i think you did a great job~~~that bag is soooo fierce~~~~~

Btw im holding a giveaway that include prizes from UD, Too Faced Lush, if you are feeling lucky come and sign up


julianne. said...

i cannot tell you how inlove i am with EVERYTHING that you are wearing.
you look unbelievable.<3

Carlinn said...

Love the mix and your jacekt is fab! :)

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

wait for an new amazing post doll!
your freaking fabuleous!

New outfit post:

Amanda Weiss said...

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT FROM HEAD TO TOE! The different textures and pops of colors work so well together.

So fabulous!


ChiccaStyle said...

WOW,stunning outfit!!!You look amazing and the blazer is to die for!

Michelle's Style File said...

You look amazing. Love the colour of prints and colours here.


JaKeen Couture said...

The outfit was absolute insanity!! The printed lace top with those pants was genius.... and then you pair it with a cobalt blue blazer?!?! I gagged! You have to explain the shoe choice to me tho. LOVED THIS!!!

**OnYxStA** said...

love your style and how you throw different prints and colours together and make it work for u
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