Sunday, December 11, 2011


I have officially decided to give the city of Omaha a fair chance. I have never been the one to really explore the city the way that I should have, because I was to busy wishing I could relocate. Well I am here, and I feel as if I should make the most of it. Life is exactly what you make it, so why not make it amazing. Well, yesterday I did just that. I planned a late dinner at The Grey Plume for my friends, Shinnice, Tim, and I. The Grey Plume is an upscale resturant in Midtown, where the cusine is  seasonally-driven. The service was amazing, and it leaves you with an greater appreciation for fine dining. The ambiance was comforting and toasty. I felt relaxed and excited to be there.

(Duck Fat French Fries)

I started my first plate off with the Duck Fat French Fries. These were not your typical resturant fried potatoes. These fries were garnished with little green edible leaves, and covered in a creamy drizzle. I was a little caught off guard by the over-easy egg, as I like my eggs cooked well done. The egg actually provided an interesting flavor to the fries. And the fries were cooked to a moistful perfection. Needless to say the dish was nothing short of succulent.
(Shadowbrook Farm's Heirloom Salad)

                                                                             (Oxtail Agnolotti)
                                                                                                           (Majinola Farm's Wagyu Beef)

                                                                                 (Market Fresh Fish: Steelhead Trout)

       Wearing: Dress- BCBG, Pearls- Express and Mom, Clutch- Kohls, Bracelets,- F21 and hand-me downs, Earrings- Vintage, Lips- Nars (Cruella: Velvet Matte Lip Pencil), Gloss- Buxon (Sephora)
For my second plate I ordered the Market Fresh Fish. There was a choice between the salmon and trout. I could not decide, so I told the server to surprise me. That is typically what I ask the server to do when I am being too indecisive. Usually I am dissapointed, this time I was not. The server brought me the Trout. The fish was so flaky and tender. The sweet potatoes and creme fraiche spatzle melted in my mouth with every bite.
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nookie said...

such an awesome outfit, love your accessories! and the food looks delicious!

Felicia said...

thank you Nookie :)

Felicia said...
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Sobrina Tung said...

omg -- duck fat fries sound amazing. looks like so much fun. I like your attitude about making your city as fun as you make it out to be :)

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