Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Delights

 I am quickly adapting to the personalized theory of the "Three F's", that is Fashion, Food, and Fun. I love fashion, but food doesn't follow to far behind. Today was a day of relaxtion, and what is a day of rest without great cuisine. I visited a resturant that is quickly becoming my default eatery Johnny's Italian Steakhouse. The food is absolutely succulent. I started off with a firm lemon drop martini.
                Then I moved on to the house salad that was perfectly saturated in Italian dressing.
 Next, came the amazing Johnny's Chanel #5. I rate this dish a 3 and half. Its rich butter garlic cream sauce was a tad bit salty, but the hefty servings of shrimp and lobster made up for it. I was satisfied, and although it starts off as a rather light dish, it is very fulfilling.

I had a slice of my girlfriend's parmesan crusted sirlon steak. It was one of the most tender slices of beef I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.
 I endulged in another martini, which happened to be the chocolate martini, it was nothing short of rich chocolatey goodness. It will definitely leave you feeling like you are floating in the clouds.
           A side of loaded mash potatoes completed my experience. I definitely think that I am a fan of Johnny's Italian Steakhouse. I strongly reccomend this resturant to the committed foodie.
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