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 Saturday was another night of fun and burger reviewing. I enjoyed my burger so much from the night before that I just had to have another. Anyone that knows me knows that my affinity for delicious hearty burgers is very serious. Once I have a good burger, I have to have another the next day, sometimes the same night. My acts of superflousness when it comes to burger consumption can get kind of out of hand, but I can't help myself. I didn't want to return to M's Pub so soon, so my girl pals and I decided to try  Blanc Burgers + Bottles  in Midtown .
 We walked in and I was rather impressed by the modern decor and lighting. Lighting is very important to me in restaurants, as it sets the tone for how the service will be and sometimes the atmosphere. I loved the bottle display at the bar, as it was a constant reminder that everything you drink comes in a bottle. I thought the bottles gave the eatery a 1950's vintage flair, with a millenium execution.
 Shinnice Heather and I
 Calamari Fries
The calamari fries were weltered in a buffalo sauce that seemed to amplify in tolerable spicyness with every swallow. It poses the question, why doesn't every restaurant have a similar recipie? Your days of eating bland fried octupus could be over forever once you try these. Not even dipping sauce can remedy the absence of the buffalo sauce coating.
 B.L.T Salad
 Bison Burger
This Bison burger really stood out on the menu, so I took a leap of carnivour faith and ordered what appeared to look like a beefy sensation. I ordered the Bison without asking the server if it was popular among customers, or asking her to give her reccomendations. Well, I must say that there is first time for everything. When the Bison burger arrived to the table, I dived mouthful in. Sadly, this burger looked and sounded better than it tasted. The meat was not hearty at all, infact it tasted like there were ingredients missing from its completion. I was pretty certain that I didn't ask for a soybean option.There is nothing worst than a burger that taste like imitation beef. It would be a waste of time to express that there was a conspiscuous absence in seasoning, but I feel it is my rightful duty as a foodie to let you know that the Bison is faint in flavor. If there was cheese on the burger I don't remember the taste, so I cannot give details about it. Even more disturbing is the presence of an over-easy egg, coupled with a spread of jam that does the burger no justice at all. The creators of this Bison probably thought they designed a signature stack of protein, unfortunately its just a food creation of over-priced misguided ideas. Even the pickle lacked in flavor. Is this restaurant doing something consumers don't know about? Have foodies missed the memo? I felt like I was eating diet food that I didn't ask for.
 Truffle Fries
 The Truffle Fries were served in a cart to remind you that you just ordered ala carte. I thought it was a clever reminder. To my dismay the fries also did nothing for my appetite. It was a fried potato job gone wrong. It really shocked me that the fries would be as insipid as they were, considering that they were sopped in truffle oil. I read so much about the delicacy of Truffles and its rich flavor, that I just expected my first Truffle experience to be different. And it was not, the fries were greasy, and well just greasy. Was I reaching for the stars? Perhaps I just needed some ginger to clean my palette from the Bison dissapointment, because these fries just did not cut it for me.
Overall my experience was lackluster, I feel as if the service could have been a little better as well. Our server seemed disinterested life, her service was about as bland as my Bison Burger and Truffle Fries. If it wasn't for the decor, I would have sunk into food depression. If you choose to dine at this eatery you can look to spend anywhere from $10-$15 dollars on a plate. Overall, I apprehensively rate the Blanc Burgers + Bottles experience 2 stars, in hopes that I will have a better experience the next time that I decide to go.
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