Saturday, January 7, 2012

Simple Fridays

In my opinion, Fridays have to be one of the most exciting days of the week.  It is the closing day of the work week, its a pay day, and its the day that caps of the weekend. Fridays allow you to get excited while about that last work day, while still maintaining the thought that you still have two more days of rest and relaxation. I took the liberty of trying out a new restaurant downtown in the Old Market. I was craving sushi like no other but my dear friend, Shinnice, suggested that I try something new with a great atmosphere. After perusing the internet and menus we decided to go with M's Pub.
Indian Lamb Satay

 M's Falafel

 The Lamb Burger

 Consuming a burger on a late Friday evening was the farthest thing from my appetite. So after carefully studying the menu online, I decided that I was going to go with the Pasta Fettuccine dish. But, once we reached the restaurant I realized that the pasta was not Alfredo Fettuccine, and it put my craving in a sticky position. I am no stranger to trying new dishes, but last night was not the night. I wanted to have a fulfilling meal. The waitress assured me that the pasta was fulfilling, but one of her favorite plates was also The Lamb Burger. I told her to surprise me, well needless to say that it was the burger. She definitely made the right choice. The lamb was extremely plump and tender. The meat was well cooked and seasoned to perfection. The bun it was served on was warm and toasted. The provolone cheese was superbly melted with just the right hint of flavor.
 There are a lot of options to decide from on their menu in respect to the four food groups, however, I was a little disappointed in their lack of carb choices for sides, so I decided to just go with a side of garlic mash potatoes. They were infused with cheese, butter and garlic. The chef achieved success in providing the "critical foodie" with a texture that gave way to a foundation of an actual "potato," but still chewy enough to actually be considered "mashed." I hate potatoes that are too lumpy, extremely mashed, needless to say INSTANT. The mashed potatoes complimented the burger so well that feel I must return to M's Pub in the future.
The restaurant had exceptional lighting and the atmosphere was very live. It was a great atmosphere for a casual Friday evening when you want to get together with friends. The eatery is a little small, but it allows you enough space to maneuver around. The size or lack thereof came as no surprise that there was no party room. The location gives you a lower level loft experience. M's Pub is definitely a hidden treasure in the sea of  over-dined Omaha restaurants, not exactly the eatery that is rolling off the tip of the casual eater's tongue. Thank God I am not one of those individuals, because I really enjoyed the experience. Some of the menu prices were budget friendly, while other plates subjected you to a premium dining bill.You can expect to spend anywhere from $10-$35 dollars on a plate.  Overall, the servers have an amazing fashion sense and they are extremely charming, which in my opinion completes the experience. I rate M's Pub 3 stars.
Heather, Shinnice, Susie and I posing with one of the servers
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