Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 (Cancun Margarita)
After my mussel experience at Espana, I've had this urge to find the best prepared mussels in town. My friend and foodie partner in crime, Shinnice, expressed to me on numerous occasions that Stokes Grill and Bar cooks up to her expectations. Although Shinnice does not blog about food, she cooks it very well and eats at enough restaurants to have a credible opinion. With that being said, I decided to pay them a visit and try their mussels. Stokes was very quiet when I arrived. Stokes is very much a casual dining eatery, but I was extremely pleased with their southwestern and Mexican style decor.
     I took the liberty of having their Cancun Margarita, and I must say that it was definitely a pleasant surprise. The adult beverage was very attractive to look at, quite a change from the traditional color of a house lime margarita. The taste was even better, sweet and tangy.

(Russel's Mussels)

The mussels were drizzeled in a garlic cream sauce. I was a little dissappointed in the amount of sauce that the mussels were placed in. I had to order two more cups of garlic cream sauce and I mixed it with a little white wine sauce, which gave it a bitter and buttery sensation. The crusted ciabatta bread that was served with the mussels was a little bit of carb heaven. The bread was toasted and buttered to perfection. I ordered 3 more servings of the bread, because I just couldn't get enough of it's texture and flavor. I was more impressed with the bread and sauce than I was with the mussels. I counted like seven closed mussels and had to put them aside. However, the server was extremely understanding and offered to bring out another dish of them. Not too mention, he reacted very pleasantly to all the extra servings I requested. But, sadly, I must say I am still on the quest to find the best mussels in town.

Overall, I give Stokes a 2 and a half stars. I really enjoyed the service and my beverage, but my mussels required a lot of help and I am looking for mussel perfection. You can look to spend anywhere from $10 to $25 on the full experience of Stokes Grill and Bar.
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