Monday, February 27, 2012

The Ultimate Experience

My most recent restaurant exploration was the fine dining experience at the 801 Chophouse. I had been hearing nothing but great reviews about this restaurant for months, as I had always inquired about its location. The restaurant is located downtown, inside of the Paxton, a ritzy loft complex, which I feel makes the 801 all the more interesting. There is something so intriguing about this restaurant's decor with its rich mahagony wood, laced with gold and green details. The eatery has so much character. My co-diners made the comment that it gives you that feeling of dining on a train, with the dim lighting and the white table cloths. It is a very distinguised restaurant.
I knew the experience would be nothing short of excellent, as the hostess assured my friends and I of that, when she greeted us with a welcome and took our coats. I can always tell how the service will be by the way the hostess greets the customers. If your coat is taken before you are seated then you are in for one heck of an experience.

(The Cole Porter)

I chose the Cole Porter martini as my cocktail for the evening. I requested that the bartender go light on the vodka. I had no complaints, it was very much the fruity spritzer with just enough vodka to put you in a mellow state of mind. Cocktail prices are not listed on the menu, so you will need to ask your server about its price, or you can let the suspense build until the bill comes.
(801 Special)

The 801 is notorious for their selection of USDA Prime Beef. Their meat is extremely fresh and of high quality with the prices to prove it. I had a lot of question concerning the menu, so our server insisted that we watch her meat presentation and get a better idea of what to expect with the main courses.
 (The Ribeye $36.95)
The Ribeye was extremely tender, our server suggested that our meats be prepared medium rare, as the restaurant chef believes the meat will be the most tender, but I had absolutely no complaints about it being cooked medium well.
(Live Maine Lobster $27.95)
The Live Maine Lobster was exquisite in taste, the lobster was so soft and consistent in texture that it just melted in my mouth. The crab stuffing was an edible delight. I enjoyed the Live Main Lobster more than my dish, and I wished that I would have ordered it instead. It is definitely my number one recomendation when visiting the 801 Chophouse.
( Lollipop Veal Chop 39.95)
I order the Lollipop Veal Chop. The Veal was rich in tenderness, but I just could not get pass the cognac butter that the meat was weltered in, which happened to  give the meat 75% of its flavor. I was a little dissapointed in my dish.
 (Boursin Mashed Potatoes $7.95)
The Boursin Mashed Potatoes were ordered ala carte, and they were absolute heaven. These potatoes made up for the declining taste of the Lollipop Veal Chop. One portion is big enough to share with at least three people.
(Sauteed French Green Beans $7.95)
The Sauteed French Green Beans definitely surprised me, as my prior experience with French Green Beans have been very bland in flavor. However, these green delights were cut with precision and seasoned to perfection. The perfect compliment to mash potatoes and prime beef.
 (Creme Brulee)
The Creme Brulee is a moist cakey bread with a creamy filling, accompanied by chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry toppings. This dessert definitely completed the ultimate dining experience. The dessert price is also not listed.

I really enjoyed the 801 Chophouse, I think the service is magnificent and the food is of highest quality. The servers are very warm and inviting, and have extensive knowledge of the menu and the best recomendations for food and drinks should be prepared. At one point of the night, the head chef even came out to introduce himself to my table. I would definitely return. I give this restaurant four and a half stars.
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