Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Role of a Necklace

 Lately, I have found myself wearing more and more of my accessories. Sometimes I forget just how much costume jewelry I really own, and how much I rely on it to build a complete outfit. I can make just about any outfit work with all the goodies I have. I have been collecting accessories for years. I have such a great love for the craftsmanship. A necklace can add so much detail to a dress. In many cases the necklace is the finishing touch.
 When I picked out this dress, I knew that I needed something colorful and bright. I picked out this tangerine beaded necklace to enhance the style of the dress and give it a fresh look. If I didn't have accessories to compliment my outfits, I would have to withdraw my support from the fashion industry. Jewelry says a thousand words that clothes cannot at times.

 Wearing: Dress-Max and Cleo, Necklace- JC Penny, Shoes- Collin Stuart, Sunnies- H&M

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