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My latest adventure in food exploration was the Mai Thai restaurant in Aksarben Village. A friend suggested it for a business meeting. It  was not the top restaurant on my must-trys, but I decided that I would just be open to the idea. When we walked in I was a little surprised. I didn't expect the eatery to be so bright and modern. The Mai Thai restaurant in Aksarben Village is the second edition to the Thai restaurant and my experience with the first edition and its decor was just plain old and a ticket back to the era of the 70's in someone's basement. I was elated to be in such a fresh casual dining atmosphere.

Thai Tea

To my dismay the Mai Thai was not serving alcoholic beverages just yet, so I went with a Thai Tea, which was absolutely amazing. The creamy mixture of tea and milk is such a delight. It was not too sweet, but not too creamy, it was just right.

(Chicken Satay $8.50)

The Chicken Satay was very tender and perfectly seasoned, even the sauces that accompanied it enhanced the taste. Not that the appetizer needed any enhancement.

(Golden Buddha $7.00)

The fried dumplings known as the Golden Buddha were delicious. I was very apprehensive about getting them at first because they were absent of a meat filling that veggies replaced. Well, let me just say, these little Golden Buddhas are the best dumplings that I have ever tasted in the city of Omaha thus far.
Basil Chicken $11.00
When I finally reached the main entree I was not as impressed. It took me a while to order, as I am not as familiar with Thai food. I asked the server for a dish that included noodles, but I wanted her to replace it with rice. Then the head chef, who also holds the title of owner, came out to persuade me to order something else or try the noodles. He explained that each ingredient is cooked specifically with other ingredients for the purpose of flavor and texture. Then he suggested the Basil Chicken.The owner/chef also assured me that his dishes were true representations of Thai Food and not like any of the other Americanized/Thai restaurants in the city. He also said that no one has ever had any complaints about his food. The Basil chicken in my opinion was a tad bit bland in flavor and it and really tasted like it needed a touch of something. If I could use one word to describe it, I would say "authentic". It wasn't horrible, but I was not exactly jumping up for joy either.

Chicken in the Mud $12.50
I got a chance to taste the Chicken in the Mud and it was succulent. I really wished that I had ordered that instead. The veggies and chicken were basked in a dusky sweet sauce that overlapped with just enough spice that seaped into your tongue. It was one of those dishes that made you close your eyes with every bite.
Fried Rice $11.00
I didn't taste the Stir Fried Rice, but the dish was a beautiful image to photograph.

Overall, the staff was friendly and I always love when the owner takes an active part in the customer's dining experience. The food was good, I just ordered the wrong  main entree. I would definitely return back to the Mai Thai Thai Restaurant to get a second opinion on another dish.

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