Thursday, May 3, 2012

Searching for the Perfect Mojito

It started out as a search for the perfect mojito last weekend and it led me to one of the most trendy and occupied eateries of the city. I was recently introduced to the beauty of this minty cocktail after watching a slew of them being served to the cast of a reality show, episode after episode. The powerful relationship between food, television, and its strategic way of being marketed to the consumer is wickedly amazing. And, I,  nonetheless became a victim of such an intricate marketing plan. I digress. So there it was, I lived for a week craving a mojito that I had never tasted. Well, I thought I would make twitter useful and ask my wonderful tweeters about the best mojitos in town. The response led me to the Pitch Pizzeria. I passed the word along to my "Just Because" crew and the date was set. I took immediate action and made reservations for the restaurant, the hostess advised me that it was the best move to make due to their overwhelming Saturday clientel. We were all pretty familiar with the restaurant, as it is located in the Dundee area, one of the most quaint and energetic neigborhoods that hosts some of the most eclectic offerings.

When we arrived at Pitch, it was clear that making reservations was the right thing to do. Parking was obsolete and we had to park around the corner and walk a block. The walking was not an issue, as it would soon be overcompensated by several cocktail and carb calories. We entered the restuarant of what appeared to be a brick garage, turned loft, turned chic pizzeria and wine bar. Wine bottles rested upon the back walls of the eatery.The decor was very modern and there was a rustic orange lighting that filled the atmosphere, but it was so packed that you were unable to soak up the coziness of the place. We were a little behind on schedule, so I didn't think that the hostess would honor our reservations, but she did. A server suggested we order drinks while were waiting, so we started out with a white sangria. The libation was not my favorite at all, but I liked how attentive the servers were. After 15 minutes of standed we were escorted to a community dining table with three other ladies. It was the first time I had ever experienced such a thing. The ladies were very personable in by which we exchanged our occupations and favorite places to dine.

The Drinks
The Mojito ($7.50)
The Mojito was quite the refreshing cocktail, at first sip it began a little fuzzy and bland by fault of a hefty dose of club soda, but as I reached the middle it transitioned to a perfectly sugary sweet beverage with a mull of rum and pulverized mint. Perhaps a few extra stirrings or shakings would have gave it more consistency the whole way through.  It tasted as if the club soda was the last ingredient added as opposed to being mixed in with all the other ingredients.A little coaching might make it the "perfect mojito" next time.
  Overall, I enjoyed the cocktail, it was very pretty to look at. Drink presentation is everything to me.
My spirits were definitely elevated after the consumption of this speciality drink.
The Food
I sat looking at the menu for quite some time, my fellow foodies decided that they would just order for me. They decided to go with the Bianco Verde and Mia. They were extremely large in size and we were able to split them evenly among the three of us with helpings left over for a midnight snack.

The Bianco Verde ($18)
The Bianco was an interesting creation called a pizza. Ingredients included ricotta cream, arugla, prosciutto, carmelized onions and fresh mozzarella. It was a earthy-fresh, fulfilling pizza. I was a little skeptical of the ricotta cream and prosciutto, but it actually turned out to be a warm heavenly pastey compliment to the crust. The proscuitto was sliced so thin and tender that it just melted on your palette. My experiences with prosciutto have not been the best in the past, but this pizza changed my perception. The carmelized onions were delicious and give it a little kick of sweetness. And of course the mozerella played its part by stretching its elasticty as we cut through each slice of pizza with no qualms after digesting it. This pizza could have went all wrong, but it was all right. A masterpizza is what I call it.
Mia: Willy's Favorite ($18)
The addition of "Willy's Favorite" to the pizza's title throws me. My guess is some guy name, William, of absolute power and status really liked it and deemed it his favorite. Whatever case, the name makes me chuckle everytime I look at it.You can't go wrong with a familiar slice of pizza, and the Mia was as familiar as they come. My fellow foodie, Tim, chose this pizza and he did very well. The Mia was a mixture of San Marzano tomato sauce, fennel sausage, pepperoni, and fresh mozzarella. There is not much to say about this pizza other than it was good, although I was forced to pay a little more attention to the crust of pizza. The crust was very light and of a medium-thin thickness. The texture was chewy, but well baked. The tomato sauce may have had a little more seasoning than the traditional marinara, but not much of a difference. It was very fulfilling.

Overall, I enjoyed my chic yet casual Saturday dining experience and so did my co-diners. The owner came out and introduced himself to us midway through our meal, he even chatted with our table for a bit, and took an interest in my blogging effort about the restaurant. Pitch is definitely a place I would revisit over and over and over again. The service was great, the set up was unique and the food was delicious. The restaurant may have been a little busy for my liking, but then again what is a restaurant without business? Nothing, I reckon.

I give this restaurant

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