Friday, July 6, 2012

Show off your confidence with a longer hem line

 Blake Lively
I have always felt that a woman who wears a dress where the hem line falls right above the knee or below it, exudes so much more confidence than a woman who feels the need to always wear a mini skirt or dress each time she steps out to a function to feel sexy. Sexiness is defined by your confidence, and any woman who can wear a long dress and be confident in her ability to know that she is still beautiful, despite showing an excessive amount of skin is extremely daring and the ultimate fashionista in my book. I chose some looks where I thought the women executed the longer hem line just right.
Solange Knowles

Angie Harmon

 Beyonce Knowles

 Mandy Moore

Kim Kardashian

Karla Derass from Karla's Closet

Photo Cred: About Fashion Style, Beyonce World, Celebrity Fashionista, Street Glam, Zimbio, Karla's Closet

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