Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Omaha Tap House Experience

Recently, I was invited to attend the private opening for the Omaha Tap House for bloggers. I usually never miss the opportunity to try a new eatery, so I cleared my schedule and scurried downtown to the latest edition of Omaha’s restaurants. The Tap House wasn’t hard to locate, as it is inside the ultra chic Paxton Building, on the corner of Farnam street, displaying its existence with a bold sign. I love how you can see right into the windows of the restaurant, giving it a big city appeal. When I walked into the Tap House it was extremely packed. I even thought to myself who are some of these bloggers, because there were so many. The restaurant had sort of a casual dining element  to it, with a hint of chic, reminding you that it is indeed a gastropub. The walls and floors are a little displeasing to look at, as there are very reminiscent to what would be in an old shabby diner. The decor did not really fit the upscale vibe that the owners intended for the eatery to give off. Luckily the menu comes to the Tap House's rescue, allowing the cocktails and recipies to shuffle the restaurant into a different class of uniqueness.
(Mint Julep)
This minty sensation was a little bit of libation heaven. This specialty cocktail was inspired by the classic mojito. It taste a little bit more minty and definitely has a stronger dose of alcohol. I reccomend starting off with one of these while you are waiting for an entree.
(Short Rib Nachos)
We started off with the Short Rib Nachos, a different spin on the loaded tortilla chip recipe. These nachos had a little bit of everything in them, including pieces of shredded brisket beef. The cheese could have  been a little bit more gooey and melted. The corn and jalepenos were a great edition to the nachos and made the appetizer a little bit more flavorful and addicting. I found myself reaching for the nachos even after my burger arrived.
(The Sloppy Burger)

This burger is called the Sloppy Burger because of all the ingredients. It had sort of a home made preparation to it, but made it all the more special. The cheese was melted to perfection and the onions were sauteed to the heart of the sandwhich. This burger was downright delicious.

Omaha Tap House on Urbanspoon

Overall, the Omaha Tap House experience was very warm and welcoming. The servers were very attentitve and were very excited to know the guests opinions on the food. The management took their time to introduce themselves to everyone as well. Other than the shabby decor of the restaurant I really enjoyed my time there. I give this gastropub


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