Saturday, February 22, 2014


 The more and more I listen to the "Dave Ramsey Show," the more and more I find it easy to resist frivolous shopping. I am currently working on Baby Step 1. I am saving my emergency fund. I have officially taken all my credit cards out of my wallet. The credit cards are now sitting in a shoe box under my bed. I have the following four: CAPITOL ONE, VICTORIA SECRET, KHOLS, AND LIMITED. I will attack each one separately. I am totally done being a slave borrower to the lender. I will discuss the balances in another post. Now that I am currently learning the steps of the total money makeover, I have decided to put myself on a strict budget and shop only when needed. I have little and I definitely mean little wiggle room for clothing expenses. Therefore, I am challenging myself to recycle my wardrobe and make the best use of my personal style skills. I am reusing the same articles of clothing several times out of the month, while doing my best to make every outfit look new and interesting each time. Some days I get it right and other days I just want to throw all my clothes away and just go shopping. This is one of the biggest challenges of my life that I have ever had to face. I am so use to just going shopping even when I couldn't really afford to. I want to win with my money,pay off my debt, and begin to build wealth, so I am going to have to stick with this. I am very very very new to the principles that Dave Ramsey teaches, and sometimes I don't always get my budget right. This month I totally went over budget. The good news is, none of the over budget money was spent on clothing. Next month I will set aside a budget for clothing. I will also try to do a better job with my budget.

I had absolutely no idea what I was going to wear the day I put this together. I have worn the sweater dress before, but with a different blouse in a previous post (also seen here). I wanted to style it differently, but the only thing in my closet that stood out to me was my turtleneck. So I said, "oh what the heck, I'll give it try." It actually paired together very well. I was extremely pleased. It is really cold here, so I had to wear tights and my black booties again. I love these booties, but I sure am tired of wearing them. I am definitely upgrading my shoe collection next fall. Notice I said "next" fall.

        Wearing: Turtle Neck: Von Maur, Sweater Dress: UO also seen here, Tights (unknown), Coat: Vintage
        (House of IMOD), Necklace: BeYourself

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