Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Today, I did my budget, not a quick one, not a self-created one, not even a weekly one. Ladies and Gents, I am talking about a: stone cold, in depth ,straight to the point, in your face, "OMG, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER", this is not a joke, MONEY MANAGEMENT, TOTAL MONEY MAKE OVER BUDGET, A TRUE MONTHLY EXPENSE BUDGET. This budget took me at least 6 hours to start and finish. It was the most exhausting exercise I have ever completed. That statement may have been an overstatement considering that some of my take home finals and college term papers had me in tears, and I would pretty much sleep in until the night before it was due. At least that budget was completed 3 days before the due date (Dave Ramsey suggests that the budget is due before the month starts). The point I'm trying to make is, BUDGETING IS NOT EASY. No wonder why I avoided it all those years. I would totally play around with my budget and that is just ridiculous. The truth is, I was never taught how to budget. Even when I did look at budget forms or try budgeting apps on the web or my phone, I would either over-budget or under-budget. I would also budget but never follow through to see how much money was being spent and not being spent. I didn't follow through on how much money I was actually wasting that I could not afford to waste. This budget put more things into perspective. The columns are created for you. Column one consists of your expenses, such as, Charitable Gifts (I Tithe), Housing, Utilities etc. The next column is the Subtotal. The next column is your total of how much you are spending in those areas and the next column is how much you actually spent (this should be done after the month has concluded). The fourth column is the percentage of that category that is being deducted from your take home pay. I have discovered 3 things. 1.) My expenses totaled more than my net take home pay . 2.) My rent is 46% of my take home pay. (Which should be no more than 33% - 40% of your income). In my case it should be 33% in order to see traction in  respect to my debt and finances. 3.) I need to increase my income rather quickly. I will be doing all the overtime I can at my job until I find another job or second job. I prefer to have two jobs considering that I am trying to get out of debt in the next 3-5 years. I will have to do some modifying and fine tuning of my budget to reduce my expenses. I will still need to increase my income regardless of how much I cut back. I am up for the challenge. I would like to give myself a deadline. I will let you know what I come up with. I am exhausted from this creating my budget,  but I am also very happy that I am maturing as a young woman and learning how to manage my finances. Shopping expenses will be the first thing to subtract from my budget. If only you could see my face as I just typed that last sentence. Yes, you guessed it right, it was a grimace of PURE TORTURE!!!!!
I wanted to feel very feminine when I crafted this outfit, so I chose the canary yellow dress with turquoise and navy blue pattern detailing. I love this dress, because it is slightly whimsical and so comfortable. I usually dress it down and wear a turquoise necklace with it. But, this time I decided to make it look a little different and I wore a cluster of pearls and a statement rhinestone necklace. I think the pairing went quite well. I walk to work pretty much every day, so I like to wear comfortable shoes. I paired this with my nude (blush) flats. I believe this outfit worked perfectly. Not bad for a two year old spring dress.

Wearing: Dress- Gianni Bianni for Dillards, Necklaces- Dillards and (pearls) Express, Shoes- VS Collection for Victoria Secret, Hosiery- West Loop for Walgreens

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