Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Style & A Tithing Commitment

I attended church services today and I have to say it left me feeling empowered. I felt like I could accomplish anything under the WILL and FAVOR of GOD. This will happen if I continue to serve him and live out my purpose. Every time that I write a blog post or post a YouTube video, I know that I am on the right path to living out my purpose. As I maintain this stride on purpose, I have come to discover a few things that I need to do in order for me to be 100% successful on this journey.
1. I need a VISION
2. I need a PLAN
3. I need to be DEBT FREE
4. I need to TITHE
5. I need to be ORGANIZED
6. I need to seek WISDOM

I am extremely serious about #7. Dave Ramsey has helped me in so many ways that you couldn't even imagine, he has given me a blueprint for the emancipation from debt. He also motivated me to discuss fashion as well my journey of getting out of debt on my blog. The idea would have never crossed my mind, had it not been for him. He also explained why tithing is so important. No one has ever explained to me why I should tithe and how it allows you to plant seeds for your future.He makes the idea of giving seem so cheerful  and without any regret. The last two weeks have been a bit challenging for me to tithe, but I always feel convicted every time I think about not tithing. Today, my Pastor discussed the benefits of tithing in great detail and it motivated me to rededicate myself to tithing. I want to be a cheerful giver. I want to be consistent. I want to TITHE and be DEBT FREE. I picked up several hours in overtime next week. I am hoping to get some traction on my Victoria Secret credit card. I think I am going to finally cut all of my credit cards up. There is no point of having them in that shoe box anymore. I don't want them EVER again.

The weather is really inconsistent in Nebraska and it plays tricks with your eyes. When it looks like its warm its really cold and when it looks like its cold it is warm.  Just when you start to think it is getting warm out, it QUICKLY turns frigid. Today was one of those days where it looked really cold, but when you stepped outside you could feel spring peeking its temperatures through.I still wore my vintage mustard yellow coat embellished with fur, because its so gorgeous and I don't know when I will have the chance to wear it again. I love going to church and more importantly I love dressing up for Church. I love it now more than ever before, because I get to be stylish and modern. I use to hate dressing for Church, because there were way too many rules about what you could and couldn't wear. Most women just looked plain OLD and Matronly. And if they did have style it was really "CHURCHY". I grew up COGIC and I was forced to wear dresses pretty much every day of my life until I turned 10. I was always discouraged from wearing clothes that revealed my figure and legs. I grew up having an attitude of contempt for the Church and their dress code. Later on in life I got over my disdain for Church, but I never got over their dress code. Sometimes I still struggle with what is too conservative and not too revealing. God gave us these figures for a reason and as long as it is tasteful why shouldn't we wear a dress that compliments our shape. I want to be the EPITOME of what a stylish KINGDOM WOMAN looks like. I want to show all women and even little girls that you can serve God and still have style too. I WANT and NEED to do this, because when I was growing up, no one showed me that serving GOD was FLY!

Wearing: Coat-Vintage, Dress-Tahari, Shoes- Nine West, Scarf-J C Penny, Hosiery- West Loop for Walgreens

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