Tuesday, May 27, 2014


                                                                 (HD CAMERA FLASH AND EDITED)
The Maybelline FIT ME bug finally caught up with me. After countless visits to the drugstore and putting off the urge to purchase the MFM shade in Mocha Mocha; I finally decided to give it a new home. The unbeatable price of $5.99 was enough to seal the deal without feeling guilty. I tested this product out on a Sunday morning and monitored its performance until 10:00pm at night. This foundation experience has increased my interest in the Maybelline FIT ME collection. I believe there is alot more beauty greatness to come. Please watch my full detailed review on the MFM foundation down below.

                                                                 (HD CAMERA FLASH AND EDITED)

                                                            (NO CAMERA FLASH, BUT EDITED)

                                                       (NO FLASH, EDITS OR FILTER)

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