Saturday, June 28, 2014


I am not a person who feels the need to purchase all the latest trends in fashion. I learned earlier on in my early twenties to choose classics over trends. One season a style of pants or blouse is IN and the next minute People Style Watch is telling you that it's OUT. If you're lucky the fashion Gods might decide to update the design and deem it acceptable to wear again. But, who wants to wait a million years for a style to repeat itself. NOT I! My closet surely does not have the space for temporary clothes; and my wallet is not even trying to have that conversation with me.
This summer I discovered that the trends are a little more appealing than its previous season. I still choose not to indulge. I may purchase one or two items, but it will have to be something I can see myself wearing five years from now. I have come up with a few ways to sport trends and feel updated even when your budget won't allow you to.

1. Shop your closet, there may be something in there that you can style to make it look trendy. Color blocking never ceases to steal the show.
2. Wear basics and accessorize with colorful shoes, jewelry, or a purse that you already own. Add a pop of color that is trending at the moment. Accessories count too!
3. Get creative and go trendy with your makeup. Research the latest trends and use it to apply your make-up. This will make you feel attractive and knowledgeable about what the beauty and fashion industry is doing to compliment one another.
4. Try a trendy hair style that you can DIY.

Wearing: Top-Tahari for Von Maur, Skirt- Express, Purse-Vintage, Shoes-Colin Stuart for Victoria Secret, Earrings- Unknown, Eye Shadow- BH Cosmetics, Lipstick- MAC in Morange

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LV said...

You look so stunning and classic. That purse is gorgeous.

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