Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I have been on a roll with books and products these last two months. In June I read a book by Joel Olsteen called I Declare. The book featured 31 promises to speak over your life. Everyday I relied on these promises/affirmations to guide me through my day. The more committed I became to this book, the more I began anticipating my affirmations every morning. I noticed a lot of things shifting in my life for the GOOD. I became a more positive person and abundant opportunities were flowing into my life. I am so thankful to for the experience of reading this book. I would like to pay it forward with my review. Happy readings.....so what's your favorite self-improvement book for the month?

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After Eleven Blog said...

just found your blog from instagram! I was searching # about debt freedom since I started a series on my blog! Excited to be following you now!

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